I'm New Here

When you arrive at Adair United Methodist Church you'll find a large parking lot adjacent to the church's fellowship hall on the South side of the building with plenty of parking. There are also several handicap designated spaces near the door on this side. You can also park in one of the designated visitor spots or handicap spots located in front of the church on Cheatham Street.

There are four entrances into the building. The entrance directly into the sanctuary is steps only. The other three entrances are handicap accessible.

You should expect a relaxed atmosphere where you are invited to come as you are. Every Sunday there are people who wear jeans and a T-shirt and some who wear slacks and a tie.

Our service is a blended service meaning we sing a mix of more contemporary songs and old-time favorite hymns. Our music is diverse because we are blessed with many musicians. You might hear the piano, an electric organ, special music from a trumpet, trombone, or baritone, special solos, duets, and various other arrangements. We also utilize multi-media resources and PowerPoint through our projector screen.

Whatever music we are blessed with each Sunday, everything we do is to praise God and keep your experience in mind. We try to create an enjoyable place where people from different backgrounds can come and meet God.

Our Sunday Morning Worship begins at 11:00 AM and lasts approximately 1 hour.  All people are welcome to receive Holy Communion. It does not matter what, if any, church you come from.

You'll hear a sermon from our pastor that is centered on God and focused on grace. We constantly seek to find out how what is written in the Bible can be applied to our lives today, and how we can learn to love God and love people, better. 

On your visit, please locate a “Welcome Visitor” card on the pew in front of your seat and fill it out. When you place this in the offering plate during the service you have given your gift to God, your presence. Tithing is a responsibility and privilege of members.

Finally, we pray that your visit to Adair United Methodist Church is a life-changing experience. We believe that this is a place you can feel God’s presence and grow closer to God if you’ll give it a chance. You are invited to join us. Please come as you are. 

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